WordPress Plugins by F13.

To view WordPress plugins which are no longer maintained, please visit the WordPress Plugins Archive.

WordPress Plugin: Email

F13 Email is a multi-function plugin, features can be used independent of each other or any combination can be used together.

Send WordPress emails via SMTP, Custom form builder, Email logging for all emails sent via WordPress.

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WordPress Plugin: GitHub

GitHub for WordPress adds multiple shortcodes for embedding GitHub profiles, repositories or Gists into pages and posts. Additionally a profile widget is also included for use in widget areas.

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WordPress plugin: Google Maps

Do you have a shop or business premises that you want to help people find? Maybe you host regular events at a set of venus; perhaps Google Maps Shortcode could help you advertise the locations.

Simply add the googlemap shortcode to your desired WordPress page or blog post, enter the address information in the attributes and you will have an interactive map added to your page or blog post.

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WordPress Plugin: Lightbox

Automatically add a lightbox link to any images in your pages or posts. After installing this plugin each image within a post or page will become a clickable link with a popup light

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WordPress Plugin: Movie Shortcode

Do you blog about movies or tv shows? It can be a tedious job adding movie information such as synopsis, genres, directors, cast and crew, or finding the correct artwork. Why not use a simple WordPress shortcode to do all the hard work for you.

F13s Movie Shortcode allows you to insert movie, tv show or episode information using an IMDB ID or a title and year, cutting out all the hard work.

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WordPress Plugin: Music

Add your personal music charts to your WordPress site. Easily embed information about albums and song lyrics using shortcodes. Some features of this plugin require the use of a Last.fm API key. Last.fm is a free service which tracks your music listening via an application on your computer and/or phone. Alternatively Last.fm can be linked to your Spotify account to track listening without the need for an app.

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WordPress Plugin: reCaptcha

Add Google reCaptcha to comments forms on posts and pages. Additional filters are included for programmers to add reCaptcha to forms with ease.

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WordPress Plugin: Table of Contents

Add a Table of Contents to any page or post automatically from Header tags. Any page that contains one or more heading tag (H1 – H6) will display a multi-level indented list of anchor links at the top of the page.

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WordPress Plugin: Twitter

Integrate your Twitter account into your WordPress site. Easily embed Twitter profiles and Tweets into any page or blog post. Add your Twitter profile to the widgets area on your WordPress site. All features of this plugin share a single Twitter API key alleviating the need to have a separate API key for each shortcode and widget.

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WordPress Plugin: WordPress

The WordPress plugin for WordPress adds a shortcode for embedding WordPress.org plugin information into pages and posts. Built by developers for developers.

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