PHP Loops

Table of contentsIntroductionWhileDo whileForFor eachContinueBreakConclusionIntroduction Loops are used in programming to iterate over an item, either for a known or unknown amount of times, until a certain criteria has been reached. You have the choice of writing a single loop and specifying how it ends and writing the same code over and over again to […]

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AJAX basics – Switching static content

Table of contentsIntroductionSwitching content with AJAXHTMLjQueryBreakdownConclusionIntroduction Traditional web applications reload the whole page when clicking a link, modern web applications only reload the content that has changed. As the web has matured, web applications often have a large amount of overhead; reloading every aspect of the page on each click including JavaScript and CSS vastly […]

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Web accessibility: Improving the web for all

Table of contentsIntroductionToolsWAVEColor Contrast AnalyzerNVDA Screen readerAlt tagsTitle tagsImage linksKeyboard navigationFocus outlineContrastSkip buttonsLandmarksAria labelsAria live200% zoomConclusionIntroduction Web accessibility is making the web available for all to use, everybody is different. Tools Before getting into some of the features available for improving accessibility, it will be useful to list some tools that can aid in finding […]

PHP Photo Archive

Table of contentsAboutInstallationChange-logScreen shotsGithubAbout Photo Archive is a PHP based script that can generate a file browser style environment within a web browser for viewing photos on a web server. Installation Requires PHP 5.3.0 or higher To install: Upload the contents of the zip file to the desired location on your web server Upload your […]

Film Dev Timer

Table of contentsRelease downloadsAboutScreen shotsGithubRelease downloads These release downloads are packaged with a compatible version of the Java Runtime Environment (except for the MacOS release). FDT 0.1 for Windows (64-Bit) (57.3MB) FDT 0.1 for Linux (64-Bit) (62.5MB) FDT 0.1 for Linux (32-Bit) (63.6MB) FDT 0.1 for Mac OS X (64-Bit) (Requires Java 7 or above) (614KB) About Film Dev […]