Optimising PHP: Class initialisation

In this article we discuss alternative methods for loading classes depending on how we intend to use the class and how many times we intend to use it.

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Paying debts faster with code

With life comes debt. Unless you have large savings, a new (or used) car, a house, a holiday, an unexpected boiler breakdown will likely result in a finance application. And the list goes on; before you know it, you have 10 creditors all requiring a portion of your monthly income.

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AppCheck: Web Security Seminar – June 2023

My employer offered to send me to the 2023 AppCheck Web Security Seminar. I attended representing the software development side of Real Group, along with Lee (IT Systems Manager), who was representing the physical infrastructure side of the the company.

As such, this post will mostly cover the software side of the seminar.

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Using computers to solve Sudoku

I have enjoyed Sudoku puzzles for a while now and had the idea of trying to teach a computer to play Sudoku. This first release is fairly basic and you won’t have problems finding puzzles that it can’t complete, improvements to the algorithm can be added over time.

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PHP Loops

Loops are used in programming to iterate over an item, either for a known or unknown amount of times, until a certain criteria has been reached.

You have the choice of writing a single loop and specifying how it ends and writing the same code over and over again to satisfy every iteration of the loop (this will only work if you know the number of times the loop will run). The choice is yours.

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WordPress Plugin: Email

F13 Email is a multi-function plugin, features can be used independent of each other or any combination can be used together.

Send WordPress emails via SMTP, Custom form builder, Email logging for all emails sent via WordPress.

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AJAX basics – Switching static content

Traditional web applications reload the whole page when clicking a link, modern web applications only reload the content that has changed.

As the web has matured, web applications often have a large amount of overhead; reloading every aspect of the page on each click including JavaScript and CSS vastly increases the overheads.

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WordPress Plugin: reCaptcha

Add Google reCaptcha to comments forms on posts and pages. Additional filters are included for programmers to add reCaptcha to forms with ease.

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WordPress Plugin: Lightbox

Automatically add a lightbox link to any images in your pages or posts. After installing this plugin each image within a post or page will become a clickable link with a popup light

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WordPress Plugin: WordPress

The WordPress plugin for WordPress adds a shortcode for embedding WordPress.org plugin information into pages and posts. Built by developers for developers.

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