With life comes debt. Unless you have large savings, a new (or used) car, a house, a holiday, an unexpected boiler breakdown will likely result in a finance application. And the list goes on; before you know it, you have 10 creditors all requiring a portion of your monthly income.

Generally it is considered best to pay the highest interest rate debts first. If multiple debts have the same APR; clearing the lower of the debts will give the quickest “feel good” moment and free up another minimum payment to be spread across other debts.

Try the debt repayment calculator

The debt repayment calculator is hosted outside of the main site as a micro-application and can be found at

Set your debts along with their balance, APR and minimum payment. Decide how much you can afford to pay each month.
Check your repayment plan, how much to pay on each debt with a monthly breakdown and an estimated completion date.
Save your results in a text file or in a cookie on your browser (that you control) to review them later and make amendments.

Found an error

If you believe you have found an error in the calculations, or have suggestions to improve the calculations, please contact me, create a pull request on the GitHub project, or leave a comment below.


I am not a professional in the field of debt management, far from it; this micro-application is based on my life experience in managing personal debts. This is a tool which I created many years ago to manage my own debt repayments and have recently revised to make public.

If you are struggling with debt, please seek professional help, has a guide on options for dealing with debt (UK).

Should you have debts that are affecting your health, please seek help – NHS Mental Health Services (UK).

The debt repayment calculator is a pure HTML and JavaScript application with no backend, this micro-application does not store any of your personal data on our servers. Minimal anonymous usage tracking, including demographic (location, browser, operating system) is logged and used to monitor visitor numbers.


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Description: A simple debt repayment calculator
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