PHP Loops

Table of contentsIntroductionWhileDo whileForFor eachContinueBreakConclusionIntroduction Loops are used in programming to iterate over an item, either for a known or unknown amount of times, until a certain criteria has been reached. You have the choice of writing a single loop and specifying how it ends and writing the same code over and over again to […]

AJAX basics – Switching static content

Table of contentsIntroductionSwitching content with AJAXHTMLjQueryBreakdownConclusionIntroduction Traditional web applications reload the whole page when clicking a link, modern web applications only reload the content that has changed. As the web has matured, web applications often have a large amount of overhead; reloading every aspect of the page on each click including JavaScript and CSS vastly […]

Programming operations, using maths

Table of contentsIntroductionList of operatorsExamplesJavaConclusionIntroduction An important part of computer programming is implementing┬ámathematic operations. Maths can be used to implement┬ámany functions in an application; be it to include functionality that is obviously maths related, or to implement functions that may not immediately appear, to the user, as a maths problem;┬ásuch as calculating the window size […]