Bash scripts to start and stop Apache Tomcat


In attempting to convert my Java knowledge into a web technology, i.e. learning Java web applications I have found that starting and stopping Apache Tomcat with the commands “/Library/Tomcat/bin/” and “/Library/Tomcat/bin/” (on MacOS) a little long winded for my memory.


By creating two simple bash scripts I can now start and stop Apache Tomcat using the commands “tomcat_start” and “tomcat_stop” respectively.

First of all the necessary command to start the Tomcat service (assuming the Tomcat scritps are stored in /Library/Tomcat/bin/)

/Library/Tomcat/bin/ &>/dev/null &disown

Straight after starting the service, a message can be printed

printf "\n\nStarting apache tomcat\n"

Then to allow the Tomcat service time to startup, the bash script can be put to sleep for 5 seconds (5 seconds is probably a little overkill as Tomcat starts pretty quickly)

sleep 5

Finally, an interesting section of code to check if the Tomcat service has been started. This simply checks the response of localhost port 8080 (the port used by Tomcat) and responds with a message depending on the result.

if curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail http://localhost:8080/
    echo "Tomcat is now running"
    echo "Tomcat could not be started"

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